• When you have this type of phobia you usually anticipate the negative things that might be said about you.  You think ahead and you make yourself believe that your date will probably criticize you on your physical appearance and how your attitude is like.  You usually think that your date will see you as somebody who is fat and a person who does not deserve his time.
  • You are usually nervous prior to going on a date.  It is okay to feel nervous especially if it is the first time that you will be meeting that particular person but if you have been going out with that specific person for a couple of times already and you are still having those jitters then chances are that you are suffering from this type of social anxiety.
  • You will know when you have this disorder when you anticipate the possible mistakes that you will commit on your date.  You always think that you might cause a blunder out of yourself and that your date will just laugh at you and would not want to see you again.
  • You always have a shaky voice whenever you speak to your date.  When you are having problems communicating with your date and when it is not that easy for you to just have a normal conversation with the person you are with then anxiety is creeping into you again.
  • You avoid having an eye-to-eye contact with your date.  This is due to the fact that you are very shy and you feel that you might just blush and faint right in front of him that is why you are trying to avoid his gaze.  You have this fear that your date will notice something bad about you that is why you spend most of your time looking down than looking at your date.
  • You always feel a certain tension when you are on a date even if there is nothing to be worried about.  You usually feel that you have an upset stomach even if you don’t.   You feel that the whole world is closing out on you even if everything is perfectly normal.   These are just mere illusions brought about your social anxiety.

Some of these symptoms are pretty normal and most of us feel this way especially on a first date but you have to keep in mind that you are supposed to get over these negative feelings after you have met the person.  If you continually experience these signs then you should deal with your anxiety disorder before you start dating.

It is possible that you had a bad experience in one of your dates before that is why you are experiencing this type of phobia.  That person probably made some nasty comments about you or he never showed up again after your date.  These things can really make a person lose his confidence and can really make a person say goodbye to dating.  The good thing about this is that you do not have to sulk over it.  Pick yourself up and do not let this dampen your spirits.  This person probably does not deserve your attention after all.  Instead, you should be grateful that he dumped you, because if you kept on dating that person you might end up as somebody who is lonely and a person who does not believe in her own physical attributes.  You should surround yourself with people that exude positive aura. Through this, you will be able to overcome your anxiety disorder.

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