A helpful partner

Anyone struggling with social anxiety disorder (SAD) understands that it’s not an easy disorder to deal with.  Having someone with you to help get you through it can be a tremendous help, and only those that actually have a partner with them know this.  A partner can be there for support, offer strategies to get passed obstacles that stop the individual from making progress in their social life and can be a shoulder to lean on when it gets too tough.  The end result though, is not for the partner to be a crutch for the individual, but actually be such a help that you can eventually get over SAD and live a happy, regular social life.

Having an encouraging partner can make treatment and recovery simpler. Improving is really a process — it requires effort from the individual identified and persistence from family and friends. Below are many examples of how a good partner can help you.

Let your partner find out about the Disorder

SAD is not only severe shyness. It’s a real medical problem that’s been associated with irregularities in brain chemistry and dysfunctional thinking. Let your partner learn as much as possible concerning the signs and symptoms from the disorder and what remedies work so he/she can help and know what to expect from this disorder.

Encourage Treatment

If you are resistant against treatment, a partner can help and encourage treatment. If you have questions regarding specific facets of treatment, your partner can speak with part of the therapy team to help ease your worries. A good partner will lightly encourage you to get treatment, and encourage you to accomplish treatment once it’s begun.

Your partner might also help you on how to not avoid anxiety-causing situations. It will require some time and practice to unlearn these habits, but a partner can be really helpful.

 Help you with patience

Treatment and recovery could be a slow process — it might take several months to change habits which have been learned over a long period of time. A good partner will help you to be patience and help you during the treatment process.

 A Good Listener

In case you become excessively anxious or panicky for an up coming social event sometimes, it’s very helpful for you to have someone to talk to.

Sometimes just telling someone about your problems makes them appear easier to resolve. Let your partner know how you feel.  Since he/she knows how you feel, your partner will feel less isolated from you and your feelings. Let the partner know so he/she doesn’t think that you have been absurd or that your fears are silly. Someone with SAD knows that their fears are irrational but, nonetheless, is not able to manage them and therefore a partner can be really helpful.

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